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Striped guerrillero


The Asian tiger mosquito can transmit diseases.It bites aggressively, even during the day – quiet Sunday afternoons are then over in infested gardens. Everyone can make a contribution so that this mosquito species does not take hold in one’s own garden. (from Schweizer Garten No. 1 / 2022, pages 60-63)

The Korean mosquito is already in Ticino, and it is not a problem


Mosquitoes: The most cold-resistant insect would have spread in Lombardy – Eleonora Flacio, head of the vector ecology sector at SUPSI, explains: “In our canton it was discovered in 2012 and for the population there is no risk: the tiger remains the real problem”. Six thousand larvae and hundreds of eggs of Aedes koreicus, the… Read more »

Weather favors possible increase of the tiger mosquito in Basel-Stadt


Media release (BS) Department of Health The regular rain showers of the last weeks have created many waterholes with standing water, which can serve as breeding sites for the tiger mosquitoes. A period of fine weather with summer temperatures is forecast for the near future. These two factors could lead to a rapid increase in… Read more »