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The striped bloodsuckers want to stay.


Bern is taking on the tiger mosquito again this summer: After last year’s investigations, active control is now underway. Three years ago, the first tiger mosquito was captured in the Obstberg district of Bern. Since then, the city of Bern, together with Swiss TPH, has been regularly investigating possible breeding sites and larvae of the… Read more »

The Conseil du Léman remains mobilized against the tiger mosquito on the whole territory of Lake Geneva


The month of June marks the beginning of the prevention and awareness campaign against the tiger mosquito. Faced with this particularly aggressive mosquito, the departments of Haute-Savoie, Ain and the cantons of Geneva, Valais and Vaud are continuing their mobilization and renewing the collaboration initiated in 2021. This collaboration is reflected in the sharing of… Read more »

The tiger mosquito is back on the attack in Valais. Here are the good gestures to adopt.


With the return of the warm weather, the insect, already present on the territory, could play the spoilsport during our aperitifs. How to avoid them?Their buzzing noise spoils our nights and their bites itch. Mosquitoes could be one of the most annoying things about the summer season. Among them, the tiger mosquito, native to Southeast… Read more »