The Korean mosquito is already in Ticino, and it is not a problem


Mosquitoes: The most cold-resistant insect would have spread in Lombardy – Eleonora Flacio, head of the vector ecology sector at SUPSI, explains: “In our canton it was discovered in 2012 and for the population there is no risk: the tiger remains the real problem”.

Six thousand larvae and hundreds of eggs of Aedes koreicus, the “cold-resistant” Korean mosquito, have been collected by researchers at the State University of Milan from small ponds, artificial tanks and containers between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. The insect therefore seems to have spread to Lombardy, after Trentino and Veneto. Will it arrive also in Ticino? The answer is no, in the sense that it is already present on our territory. And this, besides not representing a problem, should not even be an alarm bell for citizens.