The tiger mosquito is back on the attack in Valais. Here are the good gestures to adopt.


With the return of the warm weather, the insect, already present on the territory, could play the spoilsport during our aperitifs. How to avoid them?
Their buzzing noise spoils our nights and their bites itch. Mosquitoes could be one of the most annoying things about the summer season.

Among them, the tiger mosquito, native to Southeast Asia, is more worrisome than the others. Smaller than native mosquitoes, with black and white stripes on its legs – like some other exotic mosquitoes – which gave it its name, it operates in a different way: “The tiger mosquito is quieter and also bites during the day. It is also more aggressive, since it can bite repeatedly,” explains Emilie Dessimoz, a biologist mandated by the canton to monitor the tiger mosquito in Valais.

“When it is present, it is impossible to eat on the terrace without being disturbed”….